How we can assist your planning

TTSI delivers value in several key areas:

Event Management

TTSI offers a dedicated Events Management component with three highly qualified executives, who can source a venue, inspect a site and help organise virtually all aspects of a Conference, Trade Fair, Exhibition or Seminar. This can include the design, marketing, registration and execution of the event, anywhere in the world.

Speakers and Moderators

There are agencies that charge astronomical sums for people who speak for a living. We don’t. Instead we provide industry and media experts who understand your issues and speak with credibility about them to your colleagues, partners and peers. They are drawn from our TTSI Partners or sourced through our extensive global network. Fees are reasonable and all-inclusive, covering travel, lodging and honorarium.


In today’s information-rich environment, relevance of content is king. We can shape a compelling agenda for your small workshop or major conference. Or we can simply provide the content for one or more presentations. Our scope, within travel and tourism, is limited only by your vision and your audience.

We welcome your inquiry